Size Guide

We recommend that you order your exact wrist circumference as your size. You should take your wrist measurement exactly where you wear your watch currently, as it's the best way to guarantee a perfect fit. Your elastic watch band will feel very similar to a hair tie being wrapped lightly around your wrist. 

Are you in between sizes? 

If you are in between sizes, please choose the larger size and leave a note at checkout indicating your exact wrist circumference.


Download our
printable tape measure


Pro tip: When taking your measurement, do not pull too tight or intentionally leave any additional slack. This is exactly how your band will fit.


How to Measure Your Wrist

Here are a few easy ways to measure your wrist.


1 Flexible Tape Measure

  1. This is the most accurate method if you have a flexible tape measure. Download our printable tape measure if you don't have one handy.
  2. Wrap the tape measure comfortably around your wrist and notice where the "0" mark overlaps with the tape measure. This length is your wrist measurement.



2 String and Ruler

  1. Grab a pen and piece of string that doesn't have any stretch to it.
  2. Wrap the string comfortably around your wrist and make a mark with the pen where the beginning of the string overlaps with the longer end.
  3. Measure this distance of string using your ruler. This length is your wrist measurement.



If you're unsure about your wrist size, please email us at with a picture of a flexible tape measure wrapped around your wrist and we'll better advise you on the sizing.